Jese Webb

The Soul of an Entrepreneur is the heart and life of Jese Webb

Jese known as the loc man/masterloctician. In May or 1993, I began my work experience as a manager for a popular food chain with a very comfortable salary. My friends and neighbors knew me as the man who can grow and style African American Natural Hair, Referred to as Locs, Dread Locs and Twists. My full time management job became less interesting as I served the community by being the major hairstylist who educated my clients of the importance of healthy hair, keeping their hair natural and to love their beauty and embrace their culture. I started with a mobile salon where I would go to parks and neighborhoods, operating my salon on wheels.

My clientele grew significantly. In 1996 I opened a store-front salon in the heart of a community that appreciated me. The name of the salon was Jese's Beauty and Barber. People visited from all over New Orleans and surrounding cities. As time passed I started teaching my technique to other stylist who were interested in styling natural hair.

In August 2005, after years of service to the city, I had to relocate to the city of Austin due to Hurricane Katrina. Losing everything, I had to start over. I started my journey while living in the Austin Convention center twisting & locing hair which help me keep my mind off the tragic experience of Hurricane Katrina, to my surprise the need for a natural hair care specialist was of great demand here in Austin, TX and from September 6, 2005 until present I have grown tremendously, and I now have reopened my salon on the Northeast side of Austin, Where I not only serve the African American Community but all walks of life.

"Get Loc'ed Up Without Going? To Gel"